All I want to do is listen to weird music in the desert with you. I want to pitch a tent and cuddle with you with our heads just outside so we can look at the stars or something lame like that.

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By Ruby James
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Pugs kissing: x

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Reading is sexy.

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Desperately need to leave california man I don’t know if I can do the UCs. Waiting on Puget sound (although, why would i go there if I can live in seattle?) and both Chicago schools (not holding my breath for UChicago, just got rejected from UCLA again. Jokes on you! I never wanted to go anyways nyaaaaaa. bitter though.)

Leaning towards seattle…..I like Willamette but I’d rather live in Portland than around it. 

Really not in the mood to get my transcripts for a class i took like a billion years ago to prove I’m qualified enough to attend a shitty CalState so that’s out, ha.

ugh idk where i want to go to school, help me


sorry, this is just for my reference because i’m getting confused

Seattle U





i get sexually frustrated just by looking at you

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Submerged tree in the Green Lake. The Green Lake or Grüner See is a lake in Austria that dries out almost completely during fall, is used as a county park in the winter and is famous for the underwater park which forms during the spring due to the snow meltdown.
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Opaque  by  andbamnan